How to Make a Martini

When somebody talks about parties or cocktails, the first thing that comes to our minds is martini. The world famous saying “No martini, no party”, advertising it by world famous stars George Clooney and Monica Belucci made this drink popular and famous for everybody. Being prepared in 3 minutes and symbolized as an elegance, class and power, its three famous ingredients gin, vermouth and olives are the combination known by all people. It’s not too strong, not too sweet or too bitter. You cannot compare it to simple vodka or other long cocktails, as it has got a unique content. It guarantees a good relaxation and a good taste! Of course, there exist many different variations on this cocktail, depending on your imagination, on the ingredients and garnish. So you can combine different types of alcohol and add something due to your fantasy. Nowadays, you have probably heard of such cocktails, based mainly on martini, as Dirty martini, Gibson, Gimlet, Smokey martini and so on. But still there’s a classic basic recipe of martini that every bartender in every bar knows by heart. As you see there are really many various options with one and the same cocktail, though you can experiment and find out what tastes better especially for you.

Ingredients and materials for making a martini per one person:

  • Martini glass;
  • Cocktail shaker;
  • 1.5 to 2 ounces (45-60 ml) of gin (or vodka – on your preference);
  • 1 ounce (30 ml) of sweet or dry vermouth; Couple cubes of ice;
  • Orange or Angostura bitters; 1 green olive or 1 lemon peel (sometimes even a pearl onion) – for decoration and garnish of the drink.

Main steps in making a martini cocktail:

  • First take some ice cubes and place them into a cocktail shaker, this will chill out the rest ingredients, it’s important to use melted water for a good balance of gin and vermouth.
  • Gently pour first vermouth (you can choose sweet red or dry white one), then gin or vodka, add some orange or Angostura bitter, be careful with bitter, as it is very concentrated, so you can by chance spoil the drink.
  • Stir or shake well all the ingredients, according to your preferences! Mix everything for a while, so the liquid will be of mono concentration. Some people prefer stirring to shaking, because of the nature of this cocktail. But it’s all up to you. These processes of mixing the ingredients don’t have even a slight difference.
  • Take a cold martini glass from your fridge, and slowly pour the liquid from the shaker in it.
  • Now time for garnishing, the most widespread is green olive, just put it inside of the glass.

You can drink and enjoy martini on which you spend only 3 minutes! Obviously, the recipe is pretty easy and understandable. The main idea is to deal with the proportions of alcohol drinks. It is said that how to make a martini depends on gin, as vodka has no taste, comparing with gin. Another useful tip is that before pour the liquid from cocktail shaker into martini glass, put martini glass into your fridge, and it’s going to be a great combination with alcohol. This cocktail, however, is never served with ice, but it has to be cold for sure while drinking.

No matter what kinds of parties or nights out you have, such cocktail as martini will always be a “soul” of it. Pay serious attention to the quality and label of the alcohol used for your drink. Remember that it’s not difficult to prepare it, but it’s important to prepare it properly. Otherwise you won’t achieve that awesome, unforgettable taste, adored by people throughout the world. So, you need to practice how to make a martini and improve your skills of bartending in order to preserve a good mood of the party.

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