Single Serve Coffee – The Perfect Solution for Coffee Lovers

Single Serve Coffee

A lot of people today still are not sure whether single serve coffee is really as good as drip filtered coffee. Rest assured it is. In many cases it’s actually even better and it certainly comes with a lot more convenience. Folks that want a cup or two of coffee for breakfast or the trip to the office and then might go for a second cup later in the day love the promise of a single serve coffee machine. These brewers are easy to use and simple to setup and clean. They brew a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in a minute or maybe two. This convenience is hard to be beaten.

Most single serve coffee machines get a cup of fresh coffee brewed in about one minute after they have heated up. The coffee pods contain the exact right amount of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to make sure the cup you’re brewing is perfect and tastes delicious. There is no need to remember anymore how many spoons of coffee to use for the specific amount of water.

Nowadays there is a huge selection of single serve coffee brewing systems on the market. The widest used of these systems is the K Cup system from Keurig. The other systems that are also in use and widespread include Senseo, Tassimo, and Nescafe to name a few of the major systems. Many of these systems offer a large selection of beverage varieties and flavors. Make sure that you will be able to get your favorite beverages for the single serve brewer you look at. Take this also into consideration when you want to give a single cup coffee brewer as a present.

1. Single Serve Coffee – A Fresh Cup When You Want It!

With regular drip coffee makers you have the coffee sitting around for possibly hours tasting burnt and bitter before you drink it. A single serve coffee maker solves this issue as you get a freshly brewed cup of coffee when you want it. There’s no coffee sitting in the carafe on the heating plate of the coffee maker getting burnt and bitter. Everybody who wants a cup of coffee is ensured to get their cup brewed fresh at the time they want it.

Single cup coffee machines are rather affordable and economical. Take into consideration that there is no more coffee that is getting dumped into the sink as there’s no old coffee sitting around. Only the coffee that is consumed is actually the coffee that is brewed. No more wasted coffee as everybody makes their own cup.

Another huge advantage of single serve coffee brewers is the ability that everybody can brew the beverage they like. Keep a variety of different coffee, tea, and hot chocolate flavors around and everybody can pick the beverage to their taste and liking. The selection of different beverages is endless. It ranges from the average cup of coffee to specialty coffees, cappuccinos, and anything you can imagine. It’s never been easier to cater to a variety of different tastes than it is through using single cup coffee makers.

2. Single Serve Coffee – Personalize Your Cup

Most single serve coffee machines include personalization features that allow to brew a beverage to the person’s liking. The most basic personalization certainly is the choice of flavor of the coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that is available. However, most of the coffee machines allow to select the amount of water to use so you can brew your coffee stronger or lighter, whichever way you prefer. Some of the more sophisticated models allow to adjust the brewing temperature to allow the full flavor of the beverage to develop in the brewing process.

Before you buy a single serve coffee maker, make sure that you read reviews on them. You also want to check that the coffee varieties you like are available for a given single serve coffee brewing system. Once you decide on a specific system and model check them out online to find the best deal.

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